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The fight begins with us.
only lower and middle classes are supposed to work
don't let those liberals block the rich from easy money
The Corporate Welfare Headquarters
The pork barrel starts here!

Before you consider lobbying for corporate welfare, have you:
Lowered workers wages as your profits have shot up?
Workers wages went down 50% over the last half century, and middle class salaries have remained stagnant or decreased. We tell them the household income has increased, they don't notice that we have the whole household working now.
Over priced your product?
For example, oil companies make $10 profit on each dollar they spend on a barrel.
Had your lawyers find all the huge tax loop holes left from the Reagan era?
Before Reagan, companies actually paid some of the American tax burden. Now they pay almost none.
Increased executive salaries at least ten times over the last 50 years.
Executives are making hundred times what other employees are making.

If yes to all the above, then you are ready to lobby our government for more corporate welfare! That's what congress is there for.

Are you a:
Pharmaceutical Company Defense Contractor Oil Company
Tobacco Industry Aerospace Company Communications Corporation
Factory Meat Farm/Biotech Agriculture (small farmer, if any are left, need not apply)
Corrections/Prison Corporation HMO Construction Company
Chemicals/Toxic Waste Gun Manufacturer/NRA Automobile Giant

Would you like:
Specific tax loop holes
Business subsidies
Government contracts for doing nothing
Diplomatic intervention to allow lower foreign wages
Diplomatic intervention to reduce environmental codes in a puppet nation
Domestic policy which promotes your companies product
Laws which lower environmental codes to improve your products production
Bomb country which prevents influtration of your corporation
Keep minimum wage below living standards
How would you like to pay for your corporate welfare?
Soft money for party
Negative Campaign ads
Kickback to Congressman
Company benefits to Congressman
Personal benefits to Congressman (prostitutes)

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The fight begins with us.